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Shade Sails France - Sail Shades And Accessories

Shade Sails France - Sail Shades And Accessories

What Is A Shade Sail?

The use of large pieces of fabric or cloth to provide shade from the sun dates back to Egyptian times. It is recorded that the Romans used large pieces of sail canvas to shade the Coliseum. The sail cloth of the time was rather heavy and inflexible but leant itself remarkably well to the duty of providing shade. In more recent times a new shade cloth fabric was developed, initially in Australia which was lighter and more flexible, but still provided a high degree of protection from the sun's harmful UV rays. It was as recently as the 1990's that shade cloth became available on a commercial scale and began to find acceptance in homes as an alternative to parasols, pergolas or gazebos.

There was initially some confusion as to what these new shade devices should be called, but the terms "shade sails" and "sail shades" and now used interchangeably and commonly throughout Australia, New Zealand and the USA. The new technology has been slower to gain acceptance in Europe, but the indications are that Spain and France will see a rapid growth in the adoption of shade sails as they become more widely known and available in the market place.

Shade Sail Technology

Initially, the new shade fabric was not sufficiently resistant to the effects of the sun and suffered from UV degradation. Modern manufacturing processes now make use of UV inhibitors to combat this issue.

All shade sails supplied by Shade Sails France come with a 10 year warranty against UV degradation.

The shade cloth is constructed from a form of knitted fabric, which gives the shade sail a natural amount of stretch and means that to be installed correctly the sail shade must be appropriately mounted and tensioned. This allows for interesting architectural three dimensional effects to be achieved with shade sails.

Shade Sail Benefits

A further benefit of the knitted fabric is that it allows the sail shade to “breathe”, allowing warm air from underneath the fabric to escape and not be trapped underneath. This gives a particularly “cool shade” effect. Modern shade sails vary in shape, size and colour and there is trend towards installing multiple sails, sometimes overlapping, thereby adding some form and style to its function. Shade sails are tensioned usually by means of a stainless steel turnbuckle fixed at each corner of the sail. For permanently fixed sails, the turnbuckle provides the best means of fixing the canopy since it generally allows more tension to be applied. A snap hook is also used at each corner to allow easy removal of the sail in the winter or in high wind conditions.

Our Most Popular Item

Premium 3x4x5m Triangular Shade Sail

Premium 3mx4mx5m Triangular Sail Shades from Shade Sails France are constructed from heavy weight commercial grade sail fabric with extra strong seatbelt webbing around the perimeter.  These S...

Shade Sails France - suppling the English market in France with high quality sail shade products, competitive prices and fast delivery.  Our Premium Shade Sails are made from top quality sail cloth and come with a 10 year guarantee.  They are available in both square and triangular designs and three colours - Architectural Grey, Porcelain and Coastal Sand.

The Shade Sails we supply are manufactured by the world No.1 in Sail Shades - SailShadeWorld from Australia - who have over 60,000 satisfied customers worlwide.  These Sail Shades are the best in the business.  They are suitable for situations where temporary and semi permanent shade is required. Constructed from extra strong, commercial grade, 90% knitted shade cloth (220 g/m2), our premium Shade Sails feature a 10 year fabric warranty against UV breakdown.

Our Shade Sails are constructed using 38mm (1½”) seat belt webbing, sewn into the perimeter of the sail. The SailShadeWorld name in the webbing is your guarantee of quality. Corners feature marine grade stainless steel attachment rings.  The Sail Shades are easy to install and do not require professional installation. We also supply all the necessary stainless steel fixing and tensioning accessories for mounting our shade sails.

Quality – The premium Shade Sails we supply are of the highest quality.  We do not compete with “cheap-but-won’t-last-products”

Edge Webbing - Instead of the usual turned and sewn hem that is used by other companies, we use extra strong webbing around the perimeter of all our Shade Sails.

3x4x5m Right Angled Triangle - SailShadeWorld are currently the only manufacturer in the World of a pre-made right angled triangular shade sail (3m x 4m x 5m), giving you a cost effective option for otherwise difficult corner shade sail installations.

Competitive Prices – While our products may not be as cheap as some the quality and longevity far exceeds them.  In terms of value for money, we cant be beaten!

Installation - See our Shade Sail Installation Guide for advice on installing your new Sail Shade.

If you are looking for quality, durability and value for money Shade Sails France is the right choice.

For Shade Sails in French, visit our partner site: - Voile d'Ombrage France.

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